Abakus - Nadační fond zakladatelů Avastu

Abakus is the foundation of the founders of Avast that brings tools for positive change to Czech society.

We believe in simple, smart solutions with the power to change the world.

We are Abakus

Avast. Baudiš. Kučera. Spolu (Together).

Referring to the personal story of the Avast tech company founders Pavel Baudiš and Eduard Kučera, the Abakus acronym reflects the belief that strength lies in simplicity and cooperation.

The ‘abacus’ – an ancient counting tool and the first computer, symbolizes the quest for smart solutions available to all.

We foster the creation
of tools for change

We take a complex look at problems and challenges, trying to find solutions together with experts who provide us with important insights into their fields. We create conditions enabling the emergence of ideas and tools that contribute to positive change. We do not just invest money. We put our own thoughts, knowledge and skills into the projects and design new formats to develop and share them.


We support courageous pilot programmes that test whether the solutions can be integrated into the existing system of health or social care.


The Fundraising Academy gives participants the means of becoming less dependent on traditional sources of income and building successful communication with new donors.


Homesharing gives families of children with a disability an opportunity to share the care and get some rest, while the carers get to spend their time in a meaningful way.


The Educhange Foundation is a platform that strives for systemic change in education. Its aim is to prepare teachers, students and their families for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.


The scholarship programme provides a space in which confident professionals can acquire experience, help others develop their skills and contribute to change in their field.

of needs

We conduct our own research and consider the use of field data as a fundamental tool to support systemic change.

A story of life-long cooperation


Pavel Baudiš and Eduard Kučera lay the foundations of Avast, now a global leader in the digital security and privacy products.


Avast introduces the freemium service, granting users cybersecurity and protection from threats free of charge, which helps the company achieve rapid growth on the global market.


Baudiš and Kučera found the Avast Foundation, entrusting it to the hands of their wives Jarmila and Milada. The main focus is difficult social issues in the Czech Republic.


Thanks to expert programmes, the Avast Foundation begins to strive for systemic changes. The quality of human life and freedom of choice become the key values.


The support for high-quality modern education is added to the fields of end-of-life care and assisting families with children with a disability.


Baudiš and Kučera celebrate 10 years of the Avast Foundation and, together with Avast, enter the next decade with a new vision, founding Abakus, the joint family foundation.